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Meet Kelly Nykodym

Leadership Coach and Consultant

I am a Leadership Coach and People Leader with over 20 years of experience in Leadership Development, Inclusion and Diversity, and Talent Acquisition. I have led talent development initiatives and strategic plans to create an engaged workforce and inclusive corporate culture for thousands of employees. My passion is helping leaders and employees find their focus so they can leverage their greatest strengths for success. 

A few years ago I took a work sabbatical because I didn't feel that 'spark' anymore. I wanted to be more energized and excited about my life and work. I was entering mid-life with a number of commitments and responsibilities and needed to better prioritize myself. I found that when I focused on my values of growth, challenge, and purpose I became most alive and was able grow and flourish in the right direction for me. When I reflect on times when I took on big challenges in my life such as starting grad school in a new city, completing two Ironman Triathlons, or when I rolled out major change initiatives at my organization, I excelled because I was living my purpose, learning and growing. By focusing on my values, building on my strengths and passions I’ve learned how to become more energized and happier.

As a Leadership Coach and Consultant, I help people at all levels with challenges from the very big to the relatively small. Together we will focus on how you can develop the right mindset to grow and enact life-enhancing change.

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