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What's your number?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

We can all name one! What is the number of hours you are going to commit to achieving your goals in 2020? Your goal might to get a promotion or change jobs. It might be to run a marathon or lose weight.

Whatever your goal is, how many hours can you commit to make that goal a reality in 2020? It can tough with all the competing priorities we have to find the time to focus on ourselves. I hear you – between my corporate job, working on my own business, being CEO of my household and getting my exercise – it can be a challenge to focus on my goals and what I truly want for myself in the upcoming year. But I’m going aim high and commitment to spend 10 hours a week working towards my goals.

To make this happen, I know I will need to block the time on my personal and work calendars and have micro-rewards (cookies). It is important to commit to myself if I want to make progress on my goals for real and impactful change.

What is going to be your number?

Contact me if you’d like to work on making your goals a reality this year!

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